Will Vamplew – The learnings and challenges of building an American desk from scratch.

This week I’m joined by Will Vamplew who is the Managing Director of the US business within a Birmingham based agency called Consult Energy.

Will has climbed the ranks of this agency from Trainee Consultant to now running his own P&L within the agency for the American arm of the business.

We have a real honest conversation around Will’s career to date which has involved him starting markets from scratch numerous times over the last 6 years.

More recently he has been building the American arm of the business for the last 12 months which is a complete new market for the business.

Will experienced a real challenging 5-6 months when building the American desk however Will is really starting to build some momentum.

It’s safe to say that Will has learnt a lot along the way so I’m very excited to share this episode with you all.

You can connect with Will on Linkedin – Will Vamplew.

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