Tony Bates – All the successful recruiters I know have experienced massive setbacks and failures in their lives

Tony Bates is the managing director of Idex Consulting and has worked within the recruitment industry for 15+ years.

I loved Tony’s genuine optimism for the recruitment industry and he has always had a real passion to be the best recruiter/manager he could be.

We really dive into the resilience piece on this episode, the best recruiters bounce back from very very bad knockbacks and Tony actively seeks people to join his business who have shown this bounce back mentality in their personal/professional life.

 However when recruiters do experience a lot of success they need to stay grounded to continue to be the best and Tony talks a lot about staying grounded besides the huge paychecks!

Tony has a real passion for helping people and delivering a top class recruitment service which he demonstrates from the very start of this episode.

I’m excited for you all to listen and you can connect Tony on Linkedin – Tony Bates