Tom Hurley & Jack Cole – Both from a large global agency background to building their very own million pound start up agency in 18 months.

This week I’m joined by Tom Hurley and Jack Cole who are the founders of a Bristol based start up agency called Method Resourcing.

In just their first year alone they did £1.2 million and have big goals for year 2.

They both worked for large agencies that had a global presence to starting their very own agency from scratch.

To quote Tom in this episode, ‘Jack looked like a rabbit in headlights in his first week as he had no clients, no candidates and no one on the database’.

Now they’re closing in on their second year in business, having grown headcount, recently moved to a bigger office and aiming to smash last years numbers!

We discuss everything in this episode from their top biller days, to their day plans when starting the business, to hiring failures, to being invested in from the start and much more.

Loads of learnings to take from this conversation and I’m really excited to share it with you all.

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