Stephen Joseph – Everybody should set themselves the objective of becoming the TOP biller.

This week I’m joined by Stephen Joseph who is currently a Business Manager for Teach Active in London.

He is also the author of Secure, Survive & Thrive which is a book he has written to share his abundance of experience having worked in the industry for nearly a decade.

I absolutely loved Stephens optimism towards recruitment, he really has taken the time to learn his trade and grabbed his career by the scruff of the neck.

We really breakdown how he has managed to build a high performing recruitment team and how he has enabled to get the best out of his people.

I think it’s amazing that Stephen has taken his own time to write his very first book with the simple mission of helping more people in Recruitment.

As explained on this episode if you want to get your hands on his book then you can grab the Kindle version for free for the next two days, here is the link:

You can connect with Stephen on Linkedin – Stephen Joseph

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