Sean McCleary – Put everything into building real relationships and you will win

This week I’m joined by Sean McCleary who is the managing director of a Manchester based recruitment agency called Insight Recruitment and he is also one of the founders of the Power Hive

We recorded this episode in his offices up in Manchester after I delivered a talk on personal branding to his consultants.

Sean is on a mission to build a thriving business which is based out of a city which is very close to his heart, Manchester.

He has worked within the Recruitment industry for 15 plus years and I was genuinely amazed with his mindset towards recruitment.

I absolutely loved his approach when hiring for his business and how he has gone about growing his own recruitment agency.

Genuinely really excited to share this episode with you all and I think a lot of you will get tons of value out of this conversation. 

If you want to connect with Sean, the best place is Linkedin – Sean Mccleary

As always if you want to connect with me, the best place is Linkedin – Hishem Azzouz