Robert Hanna – The best billers I have ever worked with don’t cut corners.

This week I’m joined by Robert Hanna who is the founder of Kissooncarr.

Over the last 3 years Rob has been building his own recruitment agency and achieved double digit growth year on year.

I absolutely LOVED Rob’s mindset to Recruitment, don’t cut corners, be a subject matter expert, don’t be transactional and focus on working warmer.

Rob has managed to work in 3 different sectors over the last 10 years which I think is amazing due to the difficulty involved when starting up in a brand new sector.

Rob is now extremely motivated to give back to an industry that has given him so much and actively mentors / invests / helps those within the Recruitment Industry.

It was great to sit down with Rob and discuss all things Recruitment.

Enjoy the episode, feedback is always welcome so please get in touch with me if you want me to cover certain topics with future guests that you would really benefit from.

You can connect with Rober on Linkedin – Robert Hanna

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