Reece Warren – Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions and learn your market.

Ladies & Gents this week I’m joined by Reece Warren from Few & Far on the podcast.

Reece has worked within the Recruitment Industry for three and a half years with one agency that has recently rebranded as Few & Far.

We really have an open, honest and frank conversation around Reece’s journey in Recruitment which has definitely not been straightforward.

However Reece has continued to learn from his failures, approach recruitment in his own way, double down on building a community within his market and just doing the right thing by people!

The Tech Market is extremely competitive so the community building has massively helped Reece stand out a long with Reece being one of the founding members of a tech meetup that gives real value to his market.

Enjoy the episode, feedback is always welcome so please get in touch with me if you want me to cover certain topics with future guests that you would really benefit from.

You can connect with Reece on Linkedin – Reece Warren

As always please feel free to connect with me and share feedback on Linkedin – Hishem Azzouz