Oliver Cooke – The power of building relationships, why business development is more than one strategy and the US recruitment market

The key takeaways from this episode are as follows:

~ You’ll learn about the reality of millennials in recruitment and why we need to stop boycotting younger generations

~ You’ll get some solid advice on business development which isn’t your typical cookie-cutter response

~ Caring about client relationships and why you shouldn’t overlook the power of giving a good service

~ The USA market and building an office overseas – the pitfalls, the learnings and how recruitment is viewed across the pond

~ You’ll learn about developing raw talent and the power of positive affirmation with graduates

This week I’m joined by Oliver Cooke from Phaidon.

He started working in recruitment at 21, fresh out of university. He worked his way through the ranks, becoming a manager and relocating to the USA at 23 years old – where he now still lives. 

It was great to sit down with him and talk about his 10 year tenure at Phaidon, as well as delve deep into leadership and recruitment in the USA.

You can connect with Oliver on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ocooke/ 

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