Neil Clough & Nicole Plinston – Our mission has always been to change the perception of recruitment and sales!

On this episode I’m joined by the founders of This Is Prime, Nicole Plinston and Neil Clough.

Prime is an award winning sales recruitment and training specialist agency with offices in Manchester, London and soon to be opening in Leeds.


We sat down when they had just been announced the winners of the Sales Training Provider of the Year BESMA 2019 Awards which they were over the moon with.

In this episode we really break down the Prime business journey to date and their biggest learnings a long the way.

I loved the energy between Nicole & Neil who have clearly become great business partners who know each-others strengths and weaknesses.

The golden thread that runs through this business journey is that from the very start they have been on a mission to change the perception of recruitment and sales!

With their unique business model and the thousands of young people they impact a year with their training they have no doubt made a dent in making sales & recruitment a career path of choice.

I’m really excited for you all to listen to this episode!

You can connect with Neil & Nicole on Linkedin:
Nicole Plinston – Linkedin
Neil Clough – Linkedin

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