Mitchell Carter – Building confidence and becoming an industry expert.

On this episode I”m joined by Mitch Carter who is a Cyber Security Recruiter based in Melbourne Australia.

The plan is to get more international recruiters on the show so feedback on this episodes is very welcome!

Mitch has worked in Recruitment for nearly four years and moved to Australia in 2014 in which he secured himself a sponsorship to stay in the country.

In this episode Mitch shares with us how he has really doubled down on understanding his market, acquiring as much domain knowledge as possible which has had a massive impact on him achieving more success as a Recruiter.

We discuss the different nuances in the Melbourne market compared to Sydney, Mitch educated me on the different types of cultures you can expect living in the two different areas and what the massive opportunities are in the Australian recruitment market.

You can connect with Mitch on Linkedin – Mitch Carter