Michelle Flynn – How stress impacts the body, and how recruiters can improve their mental and physical health using simple techniques

On this episode I’m joined by Michelle Flynn, from Michelle Flynn Coaching.

She has a vast background in recruitment, working at the infamous SThree group at Computer Futures.

Today, she works as a coach – after her own difficult experiences when it came to mental and physical health in the workplace.

This is a slightly different episode, but within it there’s a ton of key takeaways and points that I think will resonate with many listeners of the podcast.

We chat on this episode about stress, diet and exercise, as well as being able to talk openly about mental health, too.

For the junior consultants out there, this is an excellent podcast to educate yourself on burnout and how to communicate your stresses within the workplace.

You can connect with Michelle on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelleflynn/


SThree [1:53]

What made the ingredients of their culture? [4:46]

Mental health during your twenties [6:13]

Diet and exercise [10:30]

Health and wellbeing [14:35]

Working with a health coach [17:50]

Relationship with stress and how it impacts the body [20:30]

What should our relationship be like with stress? [25:38]

Rock bottom and how to prevent it [28:49]

The value of exercise [33:52]

Breathing [35:39]

Calm list [37:52]

Advice so people can cope better with mental challenges [39:26]

How can people communicate openly in the workplace? [43:59]

Parting words of advice [48:12]

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