LIVE Podcast | Mental Health Awareness Special #KINDNESS

You can watch the video replay here – Video Replay

I was joined by Rhonda D’Ambrosio, Emma Dredge, Michelle Flynn & Katie Maycock.

I’m so excited to bring this LIVE podcast to you all on a very important week #Mentalhealthawarenessweek

We always discuss the importance of cultivating the right mindset on The Recruitment Rollercoaster Podcast to give you the best possible chance of achieving success in your recruitment career.

I wanted to bring the best people I have met and spoken to about mental health in recruitment to join forces to deliver tremendous amounts of value for all of you!

We’re going to have an open, honest chat about a vital topic, Mental Health.

The panel will share the common mental challenges they hear from recruiters.

The panel will share practical advice that will leave you equipped with better tools to deal with the challenges you face mentally now & in the future.

The panel will answer your questions, and we will be finishing off this LIVE podcast in a way we have never done before with a group meditation!