LIVE Podcast | Australian Special with Andrew McGregor, Jason Roulston & Belinda Agnew

Watch the video replay here :


In this special LIVE podcast, I’m going to be joined by a full Australian based panel and be hosting this podcast on AEST time.

With me due to come over to host an in-person podcast event in June which will no longer be happening, I wanted to make sure I do my part for the people of Australia!

We’re all experiencing unprecedented adversity right now within the recruitment industry.

I wanted to make sure I played my part in helping us come together and get through this as an industry.

Having sat down with numerous successful recruitment professionals when hosting the recruitment rollercoaster podcast I wanted to try and bring the right people together who can share their own experiences having been through adversity themselves.

On each episode of this LIVE podcast webinar series, we will be digging into what the panellists are doing today in their businesses to weather the storm of Covid 19 but also how they have learnt from adversity in the past.

I don’t want listeners relying on me to ask the correct questions so a HUGE part of this is going to be interactive Q&A with the panellists.

I want to make sure you get YOUR questions answered!

I hope you enjoyed the episode, the best place to connect with me is on Linkedin – Hishem Azzouz

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