Liam Thomas – The credit crunch hit, our clients had no jobs for 12-18 months so we picked up the phone and made sales calls to international prospects with no previous experience

Liam Thomas one of the founders of Highfield Professional Solutions isn’t your ‘typical’ Recruitment Agency Owner.

It was a real pleasure to finally sit down with Liam who has such great intentions and is genuinely as humble as they come.

He started the business with a friend out of his parents home office and has now grown the business to 40+ people.

This is such a great business story, from having to take back their first ever offer to a new employee due to the credit crunch to making business development calls to prospects in Dubai which completely transformed their business during the recession.

The word entrepreneur gets used so frequently in today’s world but Liam and his business partner Sam are living proof of what true Recruitment Entrepreneurs can achieve together.

Loads people can take value from this conversation and I’m excited to share it with you all!!

You can connect with Liam on Linkedin – Liam Thomas