Kyle Winterbottom – Learnings from recruiting in Manchester, Dubai & New York.

This week I’m joined by Kyle Winterbottom who is an Associate Director at Lawrence Harvey based in Manchester.

Kyle started his career at the infamous SThree which then led him to recruiting in Dubai, New York and then back in Manchester.

We spend a lot of time in this episode on Business Development as this has always been an area which Kyle has exceeded in.

However what’s clear is how much it has changed since 2011 in SThree and now how you can experience limited success just smashing the switch boards.

Kyle has had to be open to changing how he approaches building his team and desk which has led to him starting an event series which has gone down brilliantly in his market.

We really talk about the importance of striving for celebrity status within your niche!!

You can connect with Kyle on Linkedin – Kyle Winterbottom 

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