John Gaughan – Flexible Working and Future Of Work Special

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On this episode I was joined by John Gaughan who is the Co-Founder of Finlay James & Talentskowt.

In this conversation we dug deep into what a typical recruiters job might look like in the future.

John spoke in detail about ‘Project Freedom’ and how the learnings from this project have helped them make decisions on what their employees typical weeks might look like moving forward.

Project freedom was a project which gave their staff COMPLETE freedom to work where they want and when they want.

It was strictly measured by outcomes and as long as you achieved the outcomes you could do it however you wanted to.

With the future recruitment work force likely to be more ‘flexible’ than ever John shared with us some of the things agency owners should consider when constructing their back to work plan.

No doubt the future looks different and to be expected to be chained to your desk for eight hours a day will be a thing of the past.

You can connect with John on Linkedin and he is more than open to answer any questions you may have on ‘Project Freedom’

Connect with John here – https://www.linkedin.com/in/johngaughanfja/

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