Joe Mellor – Why are Recruitment Agencies so bad at hiring for themselves?

In this episode I’m joined by Joe Mellor or as some of you may know him as Joe from Hunted.

Joe has recently left the recruitment industry after working in the industry for 5 years.

4 of those years were spent working directly with recruitment agencies to help them find talent and more recently with Hunted.

We discuss why agencies are typically so bad at hiring for their own business, what to look out for when a Rec 2 Rec reaches out to you, red flags when interview at recruitment agencies, employer branding and much more.

Joe is now training to become a Policeman so we wanted to make sure we sat down before he left an industry which he has been so passionate about.

Enjoy the episode and always you can connect with me on Linkedin – Hishem Azzouz.

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