Jane Middleton & Harriet Lavender – Show me a job that can’t be done flexibly!

This week I’m joined by two guests, Jane Middleton & Harriet Lavender who are the founders of Trapeze HR.

It has been a while since we have had two guests on the show so I apologies for the slight echo in parts of this episode.

I thought this episode was really interesting as Harriet & Jane are pioneering the flexible working movement within the HR industry.

Both of these women are passionate and driven in helping businesses consider & hire more of the great talent available from the flexible working talent pool.

They’re 15 months into running their very own recruitment agency which is completely dedicated to helping SME’s recruit top flexible & agile HR talent.

We really dive into practical advice on how Recruiters can propose more flexible working within their business but also how Recruiters can start branching this subject with their clients.

Enjoy the episode, feedback is always welcome so please get in touch with me if you want me to cover certain topics with future guests that you would really benefit from.

You can connect with Jane & Harriet on Linkedin – Jane Middleton | Harriet Lavender

As always please feel free to connect with me and share feedback on Linkedin – Hishem Azzouz