Jamie Card – When I had the humility to take complete accountability for my success as a Recruiter it all changed

It was a lot of fun sitting down with Jamie Card from Eames consulting in the brand new podcast recording space.

Jamie didn’t have an easy start to his Recruitment career however he genuinely viewed Recruitment as a real career and you can tell in this brilliant conversation.

You can quite easily think you know it all when you have made a number of placements, billed well and have confidence

Jamie has continued to look himself in the mirror and ask himself what he could do to become an even better consultant & now manager.

I loved Jamie’s honesty and how he has cultivated a brilliant perspective to help him exceed within his role.

Some highlights in this conversation are the following.

– The sooner you take full responsibility for your success you will improve.
– Why he was the happiest guy in the office.
– Control the controllables!!
– Dealing with ‘problems’ head on by coming up with solutions as a manager.
– How he learnt the art of monetizing client meetings.

You can connect with Jamie on Linkedin – Jamie Card