James Vizor – “Every CEO & MD said, the most common trait they saw in BIG billers was work ethic”

In this episode I sit down with James Vizor who is one of the founders of Rule Recruitment a Rec to Rec agency partnering with some of the best recruitment agencies globally.

James has been in the Rec to Rec game for 15 years so it’s safe to say he is well positioned to discuss the current recruitment landscape.

What we both passionately agreed on is the fact that Recruitment really is now a career choice which is extremely exciting.

We discuss a lot in this episode but we talk what Recruiters should look out for and voice when considering a new role, pros & cons of working for a bigger agency over a smaller agency, common traits in big billers, what does good billings look like in todays market and some of the most buoyant markets to recruit in right now.

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