James Silverman – Our mission with Hunted content has always remained the same, to inform, inspire and amuse recruiters

James Silverman is one of the founders of Hunted, a global marketplace that connects talent with companies, and puts recruiters in complete control of managing their own careers and much, much more.

If you haven’t seen the announcement, this podcast is now sponsored and supported by Hunted.

To kick off series two, I’m joined by James Silverman who shares with us his own story on how he went from building a global leading Rec 2 Rec firm to now building Hunted

I’m really excited to continue uncovering the true failures, learnings and successes from some of the most talent professionals in the recruitment industry, globally.

The reason I wanted to use the word globally is because I plan on bringing you two episodes a week very soon, with the second episode in the week having a special theme.

As always if you want me to cover particular topics with future guests please get in touch with me on Linkedin.

PLUS if you know any recruiters who are based outside of the UK that you think would love to share their story on this podcast then please feel free to put me in touch with them!

We discussed loads in this episode, enjoy and be excited!

You can connect with James on Linkedin – James Silverman
You can connect with me on Linkedin – Hishem Azzouz