James Dean – From billing £0 in his first 12 months to now achieving the top biller award

This week I’m joined by James Dean who heads up the IP division for Hamilton Barnes.

After a real tough start in recruitment and when I say tough you will understand what I mean when you find out how long it took him to make his first placement. 

He has now been working within the recruitment industry for 6 plus years.

I personally think he has an amazing mindset and approach to recruitment, as he has continued to increase his performance year after year.

A lot of people ask me to really dive into the tactics of building a recruitment desk from scratch, which we do in this episode as James has successfully done achieved this at Hamilton barnes.

He recently achieved the top biller award at his agency and we really break down how he achieved this, very excited for you all to listen to this one!!

You can connect with James on Linkedin – James Dean

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