Jake Whitby – A real honest journey on building more mental toughness and resilience.

This week I’m joined by Jake Whitby who works for Oakwell Hampton as a Tech Contract Recruiter.

Jake has been on a really interesting journey from starting his career in Manchester to moving over to America to help set up a new desk from scratch and now back in Manchester building a London contract desk from scratch having never done contract recruitment.

It’s safe to say Jake has really put himself out of his comfort zone throughout his recruitment career so far and has been willing to take risks.

We have a real honest conversation around how Jake has had to really dig deep to keep resilient through tons of adversity when he moved over to America.

We chat mental toughness, habits that help him remain resilient, advice on approaching building a new desk, the different nuances in the American recruitment market and much more.

You can connect with Jake on Linkedin – Jake Whitby

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