How to start a market leading podcast within your niche as a Recruiter.

This is the audio version of a webinar on how to start a podcast that I recently hosted.

If you want to watch the video version of this personal branding webinar – https://youtu.be/cEYuqy2OEow

Starting a podcast has had a HUGE impact on my career, and it has easily been one of the best decisions I have made over the last couple of years.

I think that recruiters are PERFECTLY positioned to start a niche podcast for their market.

Which is why I’m not surprised I have had numerous conversations with recruitment agencies over the last couple of months on how and why they should start a podcast focused on serving their market.

Creating THE medium where your candidates and clients can learn from some of the best people in your market just seems like an absolute no brainer to me.

Not only will it enable you to form some pretty special relationships with people in your market but the commercial upside can be huge.

A podcast could become your new best business development tool.

It could become your new best candidate engagement tool.

It can really help you stand out in a crowded market place.

Having a market-leading podcast for your market can help you in many ways as a recruiter, and they’re enjoyable to record !!

You may be thinking how the hell do I start a podcast, isn’t it complicated and challenging to get off the ground…

It’s not, I started mine in my bedroom on a mobile phone and that was only two years ago.

I have learnt a lot over the last two years which I want to share with you all as I believe now could be a perfect time to take action and start your very own podcast.

What I covered in the webinar.

  • Why Recruiters should be thinking about starting a podcast
  • How to start a Podcast
  • How it can help you win clients and candidates
  • Live Q&A

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