Hannah Jarvis – If you have a big personality then use it, this is an industry driven by people and using your personality will get you places

Hannah Jarvis is the director of her very own recruitment business which she started with her brother back in October 2018.

I absolutely loved Hannah’s energy and just pure drive to make shit happen.

Having worked in the Recruitment Industry for just over two years she made the decision to take the leap in starting her own agency which I think takes huge courage.

From the very start Hannah has naturally leveraged her biggest asset which is her personality and having the open mind to stand out in a very saturated market.

We discussed some really interesting topics in this conversation, some of the highlights of this episode are the following.

– Why you should not sound like a Recruitment robot when you get people on the phone.
– Business development into the Nordic markets.
– Adapting to the Nordic nuances.
– Using creative writing to stand out against your competition.
– Having no fear and the power of resilience.

You can connect with Hannah Jarvis on Linkedin – Hannah Jarvis