Ep 62 – Jack Catherall, I was willing to do anything to beat my competition

I had a lot of fun sitting down with Jack Catherall from Wiser.

We dived into self development and how important it is to invest in developing a winning mindset for the first 15 minutes of this episode!

Jack has successfully built a number of recruitment teams and has been part of Wiser since the early days who have been on a fascinating growth journey as a business.

We dive into so much on this episode but some of the key highlights are …

– Why he starts his working week on a Sunday.

– What he learned from the top billers within Reed.

– Community building is the future of Recruitment.

– How he has cultivated a genuine team environment.

– He shared some secrets on how Wiser have maintained an amazing company culture whilst growing.

Really excited to share this episode with you all!

You can connect with Jack on Linkedin – Jack Catherall.