Ep 61, Lloyd Gordon – If you’re just motivated by money you won’t become a top, top, top biller

It was great having Lloyd Gordon from Focus cloud in the studio to uncover his Recruitment story.

I loved Lloyds complete dedication to being the best Recruiter and now Recruitment Business in the market.

We really dive into the difference between 6 figure billers and 7 figure billers which is MINDSET.

To quote Lloyd when he TRULY believed he was the best person in his market that his clients & candidates should be speaking to it all changed for him.

He went from great billings to the top 1% with his biggest month being £159k in one month!

We covered some of the following in this chat.

– How he structured his day as a million pound biller.
– How one of his employees increased his billings by 300% from changing his mindset.
– You have to want to do this job for more than just money.
– Delivering a TOP service for free.
– Having a long term mindset.

We discussed so much more in this episode and I’m super excited to share it with you all !

You can connect and reach out to Lloyd on Linkedin – Lloyd Gordon

If you’re serious about taking your recruitment career to the next level then Lloyd is someone you want to reach out to. He is extremely motivated by helping others be the best version of themselves!