Ep 58 – Paul Toms, I was 20 minutes late to my own wedding due to closing a deal that paid for the wedding

Paul is the founder of EMEA Recruitment who are an award winning Recruitment Agency with offices in Switzerland, The Netherlands and the UK.

It was great fun uncovering Paul’s story, he has been on a really interesting journey from starting his career in London to starting a new team in the Netherlands.

Paul talks a lot about focus and how focus was a key factor to him billing £1 million pounds in one year.

We dive into a number of interesting topics in this episode and I learned a lot about the researcher recruitment model.

– Why Paul only answers his emails between 3pm to 4pm
– How he recruited in the EU markets from the UK
– The power of having an army of researchers
– What his day looked like when he billed £1 million pounds in one year

You can connect and reach out to Paul on Linkedin – Paul Toms