Ep 56 – Personal Branding Mini Series | Part 2

Personal Branding Mini Podcast Series Part 2 💥🔥

I hope you all enjoyed the first part to this mini series!

As I mentioned in the first episode I intend on answering your questions on personal branding in the third part to this mini series.

If you have any questions on personal branding then send them my way and I will go through all of the questions and answer them in part 3 👊🏻

In this episode I talk in depth on the following points.

– The I haven’t got ‘time’ to create content excuse

– How do you deal with your colleague not agreeing with what your doing & the company not agreeing with you sharing content.

– Documenting over creating and creating content from your one and one conversations 

– Actively listen for challenges and motivations from your candidates & clients 

– You have to be consistent with sharing content even when no one is listening 

I hope you all enjoy this episode and please do give me some feedback if you get the time.

Again if you have any questions then fire them my way on Linkedin!!