Ep 54 – Personal Branding Mini Series | Part 1

Personal Branding Mini Podcast Series Part 1 💥🔥

I have received a number of messages around this topic so I thought instead of helping people one to one maybe I can help more people through sharing these episodes.

I will really go in depth on this topic with the aim to provide as much value as I can for those Recruiters who are seriously thinking about doing things a bit different in 2019.

In this episode I talk in depth about the following.

Why you should start backed up with some interesting stats.

Understanding who you want to communicate to – Free tool here to help with this which I mention in the episode.

What social platform recruiters should start sharing content on.

How you can start and what you should start with.

I explain in the episode but I would love you all to send me any questions you may have on this topic.

My plan is to answer all of the questions I get sent in the final part of this mini series, so make sure you send me your questions on Linkedin!

I hope you all enjoy this episode and please do give me some feedback if you get the time.