Ep 52 – The 5 most common things I have seen in successful Recruiters and Recruitment business owners.

I wanted to do something different to CELEBRATE 50 episodes of the Recruitment Rollercoaster. 

No guests in this episode, just me! 

I talk about the 5 common habits/topics I have seen in the people I have had on the podcast. 

There could definitely be a longer list but the 5 that I speak about in this episode are. 

– We’re all made equal, you can achieve anything and everything you want to! 

– Mindset. More people need to talk about this. I love this topic. 

– Doing the right thing is always the right thing! 

– Always be open to learning from others.

– Be patient and have resilience in abundance.

I’m hoping you enjoy this and I would really appreciate any feedback on this episode as I will plan to do more of them if you like them!

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