Ep 48, Tom Cotteril, I haven’t made a cold call in two years …

‘I hated BD, there is a much smart way to do this in todays world’

I sat down with my housemate Tom Cotteril to talk all things Recruitment.

Tom had a tough start in Recruitment but he has really found his feet in the UX market.

Tom has built a real community within his market and a genuine authentic personal brand.

He hasn’t made a cold call in two years and is a big believer in doing recruitment differently.

We really dive into the personal branding in this episode so hopefully you should learn a lot from this episode.

We discuss some of the following in this episode:

🎙Why he started to build an online community.

🎙How he built his personal brand.

🎙Dealing with a tough move to the USA.

🎙The impact of having a mentor.

🎙Building an inbound content strategy for candidates and clients.

You can connect with Tom on Linkedin.