Ep 46 – John Gaughan, My mindset towards running my business is that leaders eat last …

John made the trip over to east London to jump in the studio with me. 

I absolutely loved sitting down with John and uncovering the journey he has been on in building the Finlay James recruitment business. 

Back in the day his father in law spotted an advert in the Manchester evening news for a recruitment position and the rest is history … 

John has built a global recruitment business which is full of amazing people.  

It’s clear that John is extremely passionate about people and has built a business which is full of people who share that same passion! 

We discuss the following in our conversation. 

🎙How he sells recruitment to new hires for Finlay James. 

🎙Why it’s important to have mentors. 

🎙How Finlay James trains their new Recruiters. 

🎙How he managed to loose no staff during the recession. 

🎙His number one piece of advice for those considering starting their own recruitment agency.  

🎙How he has managed to maintain the company culture during huge amounts of growth. 

🎙Why John still gets involved with candidate offers.

You can connect with John on Linkedin.