Ep 45 – Sean Anderson, Introducing The Recruitment Agency Growth Podcast otherwise known as The RAG Podcast

Myself and Sean Anderson sit down in the studio again to discuss his brand new Recruitment Podcast. 

The Recruitment Agency Growth Podcast which will be all things growth within the Recruitment Industry. 

We discuss why he has decided to start this podcast and the growth stories he wants to uncover. 

We cover the following in this short conversation: 

🎙The power of learning from other recruitment agency owners 

🎙Is the on-demand culture affecting new recruiters that enter the industry 

🎙The difference in selling with a brand 

🎙Recruitment agencies still relying heavily on outbound sales activities to grow 

The podcast will be going live in the next couple of weeks. 

If you’re interested in being on The RAG podcast then get in touch directly with Sean of click this link to put yourself forward for the show – https://www.hoxomedia.com/growth-podcast-coming-soon