Ep 43 – Natasha South, I love going into startups and making an impact on their growth …

I had Natasha South in the studio a couple of weeks ago, Natasha has built herself a brilliant career within the Recruitment Industry.

Since moving from a consultant to an operations role there has been no stopping her.

She helped grow her previous agency through implementing HR strategies, marketing, compliance, managing internal talent AND MUCH MORE …

Natasha has been working her socks off for the last 2 years to help achieve the same growth for Camino Partners.

We discuss the following

– Why Natasha had a bad perception of Recruitment when she was a graduate.

– The key personality traits of a successful Recruiter.

– Moving from being a consultant to Operations Manager.

– Marketing having a direct impact on doubling her agencies net fee income.

– Why Natasha thinks Recruitment is a male dominated industry and much more.

You can connect with Natasha on Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/natasha-south-0054b442/