Ep 42 – Sabina Aylott, Recruiters have the power to change peoples lives …

It was great fun to sit down with Sabina from Grovelands.

Who made her way up from my old neck of the woods, Brighton.

I loved Sabina’s genuine enthusiasm towards a career within Recruitment and how positively she views being a Recruiter.

I remember how cheesy I felt when I said out loud that we change lives as Recruiters so I’m glad Sabina viewed it this way as well 

It’s safe to say that Sabina loves Linkedin and we both share our amazement that only 5% of Linkedin members are Recruiters!!

We discuss the following

– How important it is to feel valued at an agency.

– Pushing back on clients unrealistic talent requirements

– Never making a placement through a Job Ad.

– How Sabina maximises Linkedin

– Being a purple cow within a male dominated industry is a huge advantage!

– Why it’s important to have an interest in the sector you recruit for and much more!!

You can connect with Sabina here – https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabina-aylott-a670b5116/