Ep 41 – Andy Simpson, Viral Linkedin Posts, the 9am rule and the power of video …

It was a real pleasure to have Andy Simpson from Hinterview in the studio.

He has come a long way since selling mobile phones for Phones 4 U in Stoke-on-Trent

Andy has built himself a real successful career within the Recruitment Industry.

From climbing the ranks within the mighty SThree to now building a market leading video tech business for the Recruitment Industry.

We uncover the following in this episode:

– How he went from selling phones to selling people.

– The misconception of contract recruitment.

– How he made six figures within three years of his Recruitment career.

– Why has SThree been the birth of so many successful Recruitment Agencies.

– He told me about the SThree 9am rule.

– I found out that Andy was a complete keeno in the work place.

– Why he would of waited longer before making the move into management.

– Building a personal brand, viral Linkedin posts and the power of video.