Ep 40 – Will Grashoff, I want all of my consultants to become thought leaders within their chosen industry …

Will Grashoff traveled from the sticks to be in our East London studio, thank you again Will.

Will’s agency is coming up to the 12 month mark and he has grown it to 6 heads in these 12 months.

Really interesting story and he is the first agency owner I have met who has a generalist agency.

It’s clear that Will has a REAL passion for the Recruitment Industry and is creating a future proof Recruitment business!

We discuss the following in this episode:

How he dealt with being a generalist Recruiter.

– Why he set up his own Recruitment business.

– Why he wants all of his consultants to be thought leaders within their sectors.

– Why he dedicates a whole day of training for his new consultants on Personal Branding.

– How he became an Odro customer through content.

– Why he targets his consultants on creating content each week.