Ed Hunter has just released his very first book, Lies and Prejudice: Cautionary tales from recruitment.

Ladies & Gents I have an announcement to make, Ed Hunter has released his very first book.

For some time now, Hunted have supported me in getting this podcast to even more recruiters all over the world and our shared ethos makes the partnership a dream.

It also means I get the odd perk, like being able to sneak a peek at Ed Hunter’s new book, before it hit the shelves. Which it now has. It’s on Amazon for free delivery in even small corners of the globe.

I can’t recommend this enough and can guarantee you a few laughs. At under a tenner it’s also great value and perfect for your colleagues.

Grab yourself a copy with this link – Ed Hunters Book.

If you don’t know who Ed Hunter is then you need to, you can follow his account here –
Ed Hunter’s Linkedin Page

For those of you who grab a copy please do let me know what you think of it.