Calum Lyle – Stop worrying about money, learn every single day and focus on building relationships

This week I’m joined by Calum Lyle who is the Director of Robertson Sumner.

Over the last 5 years Calum has helped take the business from sub 10 staff to now over 20 heads with plans to grow the business to 40+ heads in the very near future.

I think Calum has been on a wicked journey who has really taken every possible opportunity with both hands, this is what I love about working in a smaller growing business there are so many opportunities and like Calum says there is no glass ceiling in Recruitment.

Calum very quickly started managing a team and even managing the whole business however he has really approached his career with a growth mindset which I think has been a huge reason as to why it has been a massive success.

We talk understanding your why as a Recruiter, the importance of focusing on building relationships not money and how he has continued to become a better manager.

Amazing story and I think loads of you will get tons of value from this episode!!

Enjoy the episode, feedback is always welcome so please get in touch with me if you want me to cover certain topics with future guests that you would really benefit from.

You can connect with Calum on Linkedin – Calum Lyle

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