Biller Rollercoaster | Tom Enefer – Billing over £200K in his first year and dealing with the pressure to increase his performance every year since.

In this episode I’m joined by Tom Enefer who is a Managing Consultant for a Real Estate & Construction specialist agency called Cobalt Recruitment.

Tom has only worked for Cobalt since entering the Recruitment Industry nearly 6 years ago and he has been in a billing manager role since his second year.

Having had a really successful first year in recruitment Tom has continued to hone in on his craft ever since.

“I really do hope my first year doesn’t go down as my best year ever ….”

We discuss everything in this episode from the impact of being surrounded by big billers early on in his career, the willingness to always be accountable for your performance, the challenges of maintaining his billings and managing his team plus much more.

Anyone who is currently managing a team or wants to manage a team will get some great value from this episode.

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