Biller Rollercoaster | Steve Guest – The importance of having a process and delivering on what you say you’re going to do – as well as his motivations behind writing his book on recruitment.

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On this episode I’m joined by Steve Guest from S Guest Consultancy Services and the author of the ‘Top Biller’ book.

After being in recruitment for over 14 years, I was able to get a real insight on this podcast on the old school vs new school way of recruiting, and how Steve has adapted over the years. 

Starting his career with Hays, we discussed his experiences there before exploring other companies and ways of working, which for those who are interested in leaving the corporate world.

Steve gives an insight into how he approached this. We also discuss the power of content and social media presence and how that can (and should) go in hand with old school recruiting methods.

For recruiters who are wanting to learn more about personal branding and Steve’s book, this one’s for you.

For the junior consultants out there, this is an excellent podcast to learn more about a top biller’s day structure, which for those who are maybe struggling with a WFH model could benefit from having a new working process put in place!


How did Steve get into recruitment? [4:50]

How long were you at Hays for? [7:54]

Advice for those who are looking to join a big business? [13:00]

How much influence did it have on you early on? [16:16]

What was your world like during the crash? [18:23]

How were your billings at Hays? [21:56]

How long was your ‘struggle’ period? [27:27]

The growth of your team [28:17]

What does a top billers day look like? [33:28]

Sacrifices that people make in recruitment [38:56]

What were you like as a manager? [41:47]

Where was the motivation to write the book [46:00]

Recruitment books vs textbooks [50:14]

What are the common things you’re seeing in recruiters as a struggle? [52:07]

What’s your view on personal branding vs old school? [58:11]

Having a structure [1:05:37]

Accessing Steve’s resources [1:12:09]

What are you excited about? [1:13:34]

What would you say to the people? [1:14:29]

You can connect with Steve on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steveguest1/

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