Biller Rollercoaster | Kodie Rogers & Chelsea Gannon – Covid-19, quarantine and staying motivated during unprecedented times!


On this episode, I’m joined by Kodie Rogers and Chelsea Gannon from Ashley James Consulting. 

It’s the first online podcast that I hosted as COVID-19 has meant we’ve switched things up a little. 

It was great to hear about their two unique journeys into recruitment as well as talking about the current state of the Rec to Rec market due to the global pandemic we are all in.

They also shared their learnings around content and standing out as Rec to Rec’s!

For recruiters who are wanting to learn more about the Rec to Rec market RIGHT NOW due to the current climate – I urge you to give this a listen.

Timestamps from the episode:

How did you both enter the world of recruitment [2:06]

What drew you into a two person business? [9:01]

Is it important for small businesses to communicate where they are going? [11:06]

Typical misconceptions of a R2R [13:56]

Personal journeys as recruiters so far [19:28]

Transitioning to recruiting remotely [27:49]

Touchpoints as a manager during remote working [29:43]

What are you focusing on right now to get you through this time? [34:16]

Redundancies due to Covid-19 [37:15]

Recruitment landscape currently [40:58]

Putting out content on LinkedIn [43:31]

Where do you think people get content wrong? [46:09]

Conversations with employers so they can weather the storm [51:54]

What are you doing to keep mentally sane during this period? [54:36]

Other things that are helping so far [58:15]

One piece of advice to communicate to every single recruiter… [1:00:00]

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