Biller Rollercoaster | John Guest – Tips for a ‘work life balance’ from home, as well as the importance of humility and vulnerability as a leader

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On this episode I’m joined by John Guest from Harper Harrison.

Unlike most, he started out his career in sales through owning his own business and after deciding to step away from that venture he jumped in head first into the world of recruitment.

In this episode we drill down on John’s journey as well as talking about mindset, being a manager as well as working remotely and the impact of that on the industry.

It was an interesting episode because John did the opposite of what most do in recruitment, he left his own venture to work for someone else – and his reasons are interesting. 

For recruiters who are wanting to learn about managing in a new company, this one’s for you.

For the junior consultants out there, this is an excellent episode to learn about business development and the power of client meetings.

You can connect with John on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/propertyrecruiterlondon/


How did you get into recruitment? [5:39]

How was your first year? [9:55]

Mindset when looking for a new opportunity [14:14]

What stage did you get to after 7 years? [19:06]

How did you build that part of the business from scratch? [21:11]

What was it like being a manager? [22:27]

How do you find out peoples why? [25:00]

Being confident in a career move [28:44]

Gut instinct [33:16]

Going into a new market and adopting the right mindset [35:19]

Meeting clients with no knowledge of a new market [38:30]

How did you ensure your internal brand was strong? [40:00]

What made you push on during hard times? [42:39]

How did your mindset shift? [45:05]

How have you helped during Covid-19? [51:24]

Communicating and not overthinking [55:26]

Working remotely [56:48]

How have you juggled work and home life? [59:28]

How can you switch off? [1:01:19]

What are you excited about? [1:02:20]

What would you say to the people? [1:04:00]

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