Biller Rollercoaster | Joe Head – How being on performance management changed his career, and the tactics he has used to carve out a new market seven years later.

On this episode I’m joined by Joe Head from Mark James. 

He fell into the world of recruitment at the young age of 18, and seven years later is now an Associate Director, specialising in Cyber Security. 

Joe initially started his career as a contract recruiter, but after coming in to his own after switching to perm, it has seen him build two new markets in his tenure. 

Joe’s story may sound familiar to a lot of other junior recruiters out there, and his openness and honesty to share his learnings (even at board level now) is going to help a lot of those listening to the episode who may be feeling demotivated in the early years of their recruitment career.

For recruiters who are wanting to learn more about the structure of building out a new desk in a boutique business, then this episode hits all of those markers. 

For the junior consultants out there, this is an excellent podcast to learn more about day plans, and overcoming the multiple hurdles that a career in recruitment can give you!

You can connect with Joe on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joehead1/

Timestamps for the episode:

How did Joe enter the world of recruitment? [2:29]

What was Austin Fraser like when you joined? [5:32]

Not doing a deal for 10 months [9:15]

Asking for help [13:39]

What would you have done differently? [14:23]

Biggest learning in two years [18:58]

Getting to senior consultant [24:43]

‘You just put an ad on a job board’ [28:04]

What did you say to clients in your pitch? [29:15]

Having self worth in what you do [31:40]

Billings and performance [32:16]

KPI’s [35:20]

What your day looks like [39:24]

A daily must-do that has changed? [45:14]

What would you say are the benefits are in a large vs small consultancy? [48:38]

What was your game plan in a new business? [51:55]

How did you get jobs? [58:46]

What are you measuring to check that you are doing the right things? [1:01:24]

Resilience [1:09:58]

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