Biller Rollercoaster | Isobel Stevenson – Private Equity Executive Search, working remotely in Bali and living down under with Hunted.

This week I’m joined by Isobel Stevenson from Hunted. 

After falling into recruitment through starting her journey running a fine art gallery, Isobel has successfully conquered Executive Search, remote working and now R2R in the last five years. 

She has had a breadth of experience not only in recruitment but also working in Bali, Australia as well as diving into the world of remote working. 

For recruiters who are curious about the world of Search, remote working and Recruitment in Australia, you need to give this one a listen as it gets under the skin of all three of these topics. 

For the junior consultants out there, this is an excellent podcast to educate yourself further on the path recruitment can take you on, as well as companies who embrace flexible working and the positives and negatives of it.

Time Stamps for the Episode

How did Isobel enter recruitment? 2.16

Search and selection 4.03

Commission structure and peer reviews 7.39

Difference between agency and search 9.55

Dealing with senior candidates 12.34

How much exposure did you get on pitching retainers 15.36

Hunted’s model 17.39

Any advice you wish you received? 20.42

When did recruitment feel like a career? 22.28

Perception of R2R 25.30 

Working remotely 27.10

A typical day… In Bali! 28.50

International skill set 31.27

The aussie recruitment market 32.30

UK market vs Australian 35.44

Australian life and work life balance 37.33

Embedding yourself in the culture 39.33

Best rec agencies in Aus 41.36

What does resilience in recruitment mean to you? 44.07

What can people do to instill more resilience in themselves? 47.19

The future and what is exciting! 49.12

One piece of advice 50.14

You can connect with Isobel on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/isobel-stevenson/

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