Biller Rollercoaster | Connor Hey – From being a trainee priest to working in recruitment, the USA market, furlough and having a positive mindset

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On this episode I’m joined by Connor Hey from Org3D.

After studying to become a priest, he decided that he didn’t want to pursue that path professionally, and began to research into varying career options, and found that recruitment was best suited to his personality and career goals.

Since working at Org3D he’s learnt a lot about himself, and has had to work through the testing times of coronavirus still in the very early stages of his career.

For recruiters that want to learn more about the american market and how to do business development – this one’s for you.

For the junior recruiters out there, this is an excellent podcast to listen to because you will all probably relate to the feelings Connor has had during this time.

It’ll definitely give you some positive takeaways you can implement if you’re like him and just come back off furlough.

You can connect with Connor on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/connor-hey-863839175/


How did you get into recruitment? [1:40]

What drew you to your current company? [6:33]

How were your first couple of months in recruitment? [9:28]

What helped you get through the hard parts? [11:33]

What habits have you developed? [14:30]

Knowing what you know now, what would you say to your old self? [16:29]

Year 1 billings [18:33]

How do you implement the content you consume? [24:07]

What’s been the most impactful thing you’ve learnt [28:09]

What did you bill in your first quarter of 2020? [31:20]

Experience in the US market [33:05]

Fees in the US [36:24]

Being on furlough [39:08]

What was it like coming back? [41:52]

How are you approaching BD? [44:57]

How are things now, three weeks in? [48:27]

What have you been surprised by? [52:29]

What should I be thinking about coming back off furlough? [53:43]

What are you most excited to do? [55:40]

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