Biller Rollercoaster | Chris Bennet – Building patches from scratch and carving out a European desk, without cold calling!

On this episode I’m joined by Chris Bennett from Evolution Recruitment Solutions.

After 2 years initially working within Oil and Gas recruitment, Chris joined Evolution Recruitment Solutions.

He started to carve out a new patch within technology, and now works specifically within the nordic markets, with 5 direct reports.

This is an excellent podcast for those who are wanting to learn more about cold business and how to grow out a patch, particularly if cold calls aren’t your strongest point.

Chris talks about this in a lot of depth as well as the basics of recruitment and how he has developed as a manager.

You can connect with Chris on LinkedIn:



How did you enter recruitment? [0:45]

First role in recruitment [3:20]

How would you summarise your first 18 months? [4:54]

Evolution and what it is like [5:57]

How did you grow a new patch? [8:58]

Building out a candidate network [12:00]

How did you approach that meetup? [14:26]

Blogging your event [17:28]

How long did it take to bring on clients? [18:41]

How did you push through the tough times? [21:28]

Year one [25:40]

How did you plan to expand the patch further? [26:24]

Year 2 [28:52]

What did you double down on to get to a 10k milestone? [30:00]

Why did you start focusing on a new patch? [32:28]

How long have you been building the team for? [35:40]

What were your best methods of getting new clients? [37:25]

Effective introductions [41:30]

Where do you see recruiters go wrong with BD? [43:10]

Management [45:19]

Understanding overseas recruitment [51:39]

How have you changed your approach during Covid-19? [55:24]

Articles and marketing [57:06]

What advice would you give to yourself knowing what you know now? [1:00:19]

How do you see things changing in the next 6-12 months? [1:02:00]

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