Anila Choudhury – From New York to London and how UK Recruiters have a HUGE opportunity to dominate the US market

Anila Choudhury entered the Recruitment Industry straight out of college and like a lot of us was extremely motivated by money early on.

Anila was part of the first 20 hires in the New York team within a global recruitment powerhouse Frank Recruitment Group.

Having worked in the US market for nearly 5 years she desired a new challenge, Anila thought if she could do well in the most competitive recruitment market in the world London, then she would return home an even better Recruiter!

It’s safe to say it hasn’t been easy since Anila has moved over to the UK and we discuss what she has learnt along the way.

Tons of value in this conversation for Recruiters who are looking to build a US desk or even considering moving over to the US!

Take note of the differencent nuances and how you can start making a killing in the american market.

You can connect with Anila on Linkedin – Anila Choudhury