Ally Esmaeili – A car crash first year to breaking the £300K billings mark

I’m joined by Ally Esmaeili in this episode who is one of the directors at a specialist cyber security agency called SOAP.

Ally entered the Recruitment world typically later than a lot of people with him making a career change in his late 20’s.

We discuss the real challenges Ally faced in the early part of his recruitment career, he didn’t have much success, he wasn’t as committed as he is now and he wasn’t a master of his market.

Since then he has worked relentlessly to know his market inside out, become the best recruiter he can be and always be willing to learn & listen.

Since starting SOAP with his business partners he has excelled in his performance, billing £180K in the first year to now breaking the £300K mark.

We really discuss how he continued to level up his performance and what he learnt a long the way.

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